One Day in 2050
is a collaborative
future narratives platform

for climate change activation

Our DNA goes like this:

  • Multiauthor results

  • All work credited

  • Time-frame: 2050

  • No-money transfer/reward, 100% voluntary work

  • Open access to all material/outputs

  • Our leitmotiv: “Have a lot of nose, keep our ego down”

Image credits: Andre Arruda, using AI

One Day in 2050: a window to our common future.

365 fictional news from 2050, one for each day.
365 voices from the future to teach us about climate change.
A 365º unique vision on the future of our planet.

Results in ENGLISH

Results in SPANISH

Results in CATALAN

Clima Utopyas: future narratives against ecoanxiety.

Twenty-five short cli-fi pieces to provide utopyan visions of 2050.

“After the massive 2042 blackout, international diplomacy negotiated for long years an utopyan society to be implemented worldwide. January 1st, 2050 will be the starting day for a new era, where humankind will be put at the centre of every single act of the whole society”.

ecoFascism: leviathan or humankind lifejacket?

Thirty-five short stories based on 2050, where a totalitarian society rules the planet.

“Temperatures have risen over +2ºC. Global population has reached 9.8 billion. Pressure on natural systems is at its peak. A new global movement has arisen. ecoF, a totalitarian system has been enforced, based on the minimum climate footprint on every aspect of our society”.

One Planet to Love

Raising awareness about what it is at stake, portraiting species, places, events, experiences that might disappear by 2050.



Things you MIGHT (NOT) SEE IN 2050

  • Send us your outstanding picture [portrait] to and join One Planet Love. Open call.

2050 Stripes

2050 Stripes is a multi-layer initiative to call for an urgent action against climate change.

Clima Stripes by Ed Hawkins of University of Reading (UK) were an impressive tool to communicate climate change effects. They show the increase in global temperatures from the 1900s represented with one stripe per year.

We would like to contribute by prolonging the stripes to 2050, using the +2ºC scenario.


One Day in 2050 in 40”

Other initiatives we love about future-telling:


This cli-fi follows the path of Grace Chan, born in Penang, Malaysia, who has experienced the dire consequences of climate change personally and is taking action borne both of hope and desperation. Her story explores the implications, both at the global scale and and on a deeply personal level, of our common dilemma and the possibilities that are open to us. Fairhaven envisions how a range of practical climate adaptation and mitigation solutions: land reclamation, carbon sequestration, rebuilding ocean fishing stocks, and even re-freezing the Arctic. Fairhaven opens in 2036 as Grace is days away from assuming office as the President of the newly-formed Ocean Independent State.

Green Stories

The Green Stories project runs free writing competitions encouraging writers to include climate solutions in their stories. Other projects include partnering with Bafta to address the role of fictional characters in consumer behaviours, see #ClimateCharacters.

No More Fairey Tales

Contains 24 positive-outcome, solution-focused short stories to inspire bold action and to illustrate how the climate crisis might actually be fixed. 24 stories which show positive visions of what might be achieved - people need to be able to visualise a positive future as well as a grim one. The authors include Kim Stanley Robinson, Paulo Bacgalupi, Sara Foster and many others...

Stories from 2050

Support the further development of the vision of a Clean Planet 2050 and the implementation of the European Green Deal by creating and harvesting stories.

The Story of a New World

In a unique combination of a captivating fictional story and documentary sequences, the impact film THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD will show the path towards a sustainable future and empower viewers to become change makers. This visionary film is accompanied by an impact campaign in 50 countries and is financed independently through crowd-financing. Support this inspiring project now by pre-ordering your film ticket, or with your donation and join the community on social media!


Support the development of the 2nd Strategic Plan of Horizon Europe with foresight and connect people and organisations interested in foresight activities within the EU. By fostering exchange amongst emerging topics, we want to stimulate the Foresight power within Europe to shape a positive future together.

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A 365º unique vision of our future

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