is a collaborative
project for climate
change activation

365 fictional news from 2050, one for each day.
365 voices from the future to teach us about climate change.
A 365º unique vision on the future of our planet.

Join us by writing
a news from 2050

News are based on voluntary contributions with no rewarding.
Authors talk on their own voices, not by the institutions/organizations they work for.
Only one news by person.
We are looking for creativity and invitation to climate action.
Results will always be published free of charge,
under Creative-Commons license.
All topics are welcome, if related (somehow) to climate change impact on 2050.

News can be submitted in ENGLISH or SPANISH.

One Day in 2050 in 40”

Read carefully the
instructions before
start writing

BE CAREFUL on only editing the elements required on the news template:

  • Follow average news format, style and language.

  • News body: up to 300 words.

  • Add an author’s photo (max 2MB) in a separate file.

ENGLISH template Windows (.docx)
ENGLISH template OpenOffice (.odt)
SPANISH template Windows (.docx)
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A 365º unique vision of our future

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