CLIMA UTOPYAS: future narratives against ecoanxiety.

After the massive 2042 blackout international diplomacy negotiated for long years an utopyan society to be implemented worldwide. January 1st, 2050 will be the starting day for a new era where humankind will be put at the centre of every single act of the whole society.

  • A positive vision of 2050

  • A multi-author book, including 30 futurist voices

  • 600-700 words / piece

  • Each story is complemented by one/several images generated using AI (Midjourney).

  • 140 pages book aprox.

  • English

  • Ebook

  • Publishing date to be confirmed.

Working in a publisher and interested in this topic? Let us know about you, we are open to find a publishing partner.


AUTHORS CONFIRMED (in alphabetical order):

  • ASTRID NIERHOFF (GERMANY), Storytelling | Futures literacy and (inter)cultural communication for sustainable lives and businesses.

  • BRIDGETTE ENGELER (AUSTRALIA), Futures, innovation and design

  • CHIRAG TRIPATHI (INDIA), Growth Advisor, Sustainable Futurist and strategist

  • CHRIS MARSHALL (UNITED KINGDOM), Author | Speaker | Futurist | Investment Manager

  • CHRISTIANNE HESELMANS (NETHERLANDS), Sustainable Futures and Design | Futures Counciousness | Senior lecturer at Fontys University of Applied Science

  • DANA KLISANIN (USA), Leading Female Futurist | Co-founder of Rewilding:Lab

  • DAVID KALISZ (FRANCE), Dean of Expert Programs at Paris School of Business | Foresight Strategist

  • DIDEM GURDUR (SWEDEN), Associate Senior Lecturer / Assistant Professor at Uppsala University | Future Strategist

  • DIMITRIS DIMITRIADIS (GREECE), WEB 3.0 | Special Secretariat of Foresight, Presidency of the Government Hellenic Republic | IFFR DAO | ZØLTΛR | TheFutureCats

  • ELLE HOLTZMAN (USA), Prosperity Coach, Poet and Sketchbook Artist

  • ERICA BOL (NETHERLANDS), Conscious Futures Designer

  • ERIN REMBLANCE (AUSTRALIA), Co-founder of re(biz)

  • GRACIELA GUADARRAMA (MEXICO), Designer, Researcher, Futurist Experiential & Participatory Futures. Independent Professional

  • GREG SHARZER (CANADA), Critical theorist, cultural studies geek, optimist.

  • JEANNE HOFFMAN (AUSTRALIA/TAIWAN), Teacher | Futurist | Facilitator

  • JON RODRÍGUEZ FERNÁNDEZ (BELGIUM), Experience Design & Strategy | Innovation Facilitator | Foresight & Futures Thinking

  • JONAS DRECHSEL (GERMANY), Critical Futurist & Realutopist | Narrative and Systemic Goals

  • LIEN DE RUYCK (BELGIUM), Regenerative Futures Designer & Researcher | Creative strategist | Adventurer

  • LOURDES RODRÍGUEZ (SPAIN), Senior Trends Consultant | Strategic Foresight | Global Hubs Director at Teach the Future

  • LORI MAZOR (USA), CEO & Founder Synthetivity | Futurist | Phygital Strategist | Mind-Body Steward | Speaker | Storyteller

  • MELINA GARIBYAN (GERMANY), Communication expert | Storytelling practitioner for change at StoryAtelier gGmbH

  • MURILLO ALBANEZ (BRASIL), Strategic Foresight & Innovation

  • RODOLFO ANGELES (HONDURAS), Foresight expert and lawyer, fantasy and Sci-Fi writer

  • PEACHIE DIOQUINO (PHILIPPINES), Climate Reality Leader | Writer | Futures Learning Advisor

  • SALMAN KHATANI (PAKISTAN), Futurist, Manager, IMAGINE - Institute of futures studies | Senior Lecturer, Iqra University, Karachi, Pakistan.

  • SOPHIA BAZILE (USA), (Un)Learning & Development | Futures Thinking & Foresight* Consultation | Facilitation | (Virtual) Event Production

  • YELENA MUZYKINA (KAZAKHSTAN), Fellow – Centre for Postnormal Policy and Future Studies Ltd


MARAGARIDA BARRETO (PORTUGAL), Partner & Creative Director @Eletrico28 | AI 🚀 MJ & NFT Explorer @ StrangerThanFiction.

AI/Digital artists

JON PORTER (USA), Artificial Intelligence Expert at OK Computer.


JAUME ENCISO (SPAIN), climate activist, One Day in 2050 founder. Green events facilitator, climate officer and environmental awareness campaign’s management for 15 years.

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