ECOFASCISM: Leviatan or lifejacket of humankind?

2050. Temperatures have risen over +2ºC. Global population has reached 9.8 billion. Pressure on natural systems is at its peak. A new global movement has arisen. ecoF, a totalitarian system has been enforced, based on the minimum climate footprint on every aspect of our society.

  • A futurist and critical vision of Ecofascim

  • A multi-author book, including 40 top futurist voices

  • >35 short stories on diverse aspects-layers of this controversial topic

  • 500-600 words / piece

  • Each story is complemented by one/several images generated by Andre Arruda using AI (Midjourney).

  • 180 pages book aprox.

  • English

  • Publishing autumn 2024.

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AUTHORS CONFIRMED (in alphabetical order):

  • ALBERTO BARREIRO (SPAIN), Designing for the Transformation Economy @ TCK/WT

  • ANTONIA NICOLS (USA), Executive Contributor at Grey Swan Guild

  • ASMA YOUSUF ZAINAL (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES), Dubai Future Expert-DFEP | Author-Thoughts on Excellence | Managing @The.FuturistA

  • BRONWYN WILLIAMS (SOUTH AFRICA), Economist | Trend Analyst | Futurist | Consultant

  • EDYTA SADOWSKA (POLAND), Futurologist, researcher, innovator | CEO MindUp | PhD senior lecturer at Pedagogical University of Cracow

  • EHSAN MARZBAN (IRAN), Futures Researcher

  • ELINA HILTUNEN (FINLAND), Futurist | DSc, MSc Dcotoral Student at National Defence University | Sci Fi writer

  • FERNANDO GUTIÉRREZ (URUGUAY), Foresight Practitioner | Space Enthusiast | Science Fiction Evangelist

  • GEETA DHIR (UNITED KINGDOM), Consultant Psychologist

  • GINA CLIFFORD (USA), Strategic Storyteller & Futures Thinker | Design Fiction Specialist

  • GREGORY MENVIELLE (USA), Mental Health Assessments Simplified

  • HELGA VEIGL (NETHERLANDS), Executive Board Member at World Futures Studies Federation

  • JAVIER CREUS (SPAIN), Founder of Ideas for Change and | Helps organizations design #futures-that-rock

  • JOANA LENKOVA (UNITED KINGDOM), Strategist and Futurist | Founder at Futures Forward

  • JULIETA MATOS CASTAÑO (NETHERLANDS), Responsible Futuring | Research and Innovation | Smart City Futures | DesignLab

  • KAROLINA THAKKER (NETHERLANDS), Futures Thinking & Design

  • KIM DE VIDTS (BELGIUM), Futures Researcher & Lecturer in Research Methodology at Erasmus University College Brussels

  • LORENA DEXTER CHAICHIAN (CANADA), Associate Director of Communications and Marketing at University of British Columbia

    MARCUS BUSSEY (AUSTRALIA), Senior Lecturer in History and Futures at University of the Sunshine Coast

  • PAULA PAPEL (CANADA), Liminalities Explorer

  • RAQUEL VALENÇA (BRASIL), R&D Manager at Fiep System Observatory | Fellow at APF |Futures Researcher

  • RHONA MORRELL (UNITED KINGDOM), Chief Planet & Impact Officer | iReGen Ltd & Reclaim Earth CIC

  • SAMISTA JUGWANTH (SOUTH AFRICA), eThekwini Water Engineering Lead at Zutari

  • SANNA KETONEN-OKSI (FINLAND), Futurist, Postdoctoral Researcher at Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  • SETH HARRELL (USA), Foresight Consultant | APF Emerging Fellow

  • SHIELA R CASTILLO (PHILIPPINES), Independent Consultant | Foresight | Social Development.

  • SIV HELEN HESJEDAL (NORWAY), Futures, foresight and research at Themis Foresight

  • SOHAIL INAYATULLAH (AUSTRALIA), UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies at the Sejahtera Centre for Sustainability and Humanity

  • STEVE WELLS (UNITED KINGDOM), Global Futurist | Keynote Speaker | Podcast Host

  • SYLVIA GALLUSSER (USA), Global Futurist & Metaverse Strategist at Accenture

  • TANJA SCHINDLER (GERMANY), Vice-Chair of APF | Foresight Advisor to the EU Commission | Founder of Futures2All and Guardian of Futures Space

  • TIAGO RODRIGO DOS SANTOS (BRASIL),  Behavioral Science | Futures Thinking | Professor & Lecturer at Universidades de Sao Paulo

  • UMAR SHERAZ (PAKISTAN), Futures Researcher | Learning through Gaming | Storyteller

  • VALENTINA CONTINI (GERMANY), Web3 & Metaverse Explorer | AI Prompt Engineer in the making | Futurist

  • VIRAJ JOSHI (UNITED KINGDOM), Designer | Technologist | Futurist at Fjord-London.


  • FERNANDO GUTIÉRREZ (URUGUAY), Foresight Practitioner | Space Enthusiast | Science Fiction Evangelist

AI art

ANDRE ARRUDA (BRASIL), Strategic Designer & Futurist. 10 years  experience on developing and managing projects focused on future design and phygitals solutions applied in strategic planning and innovation ecosystems in global companies and governments. Development of disruptive innovation and digital transformation projects aligned with desirable futures for global clients such as MIT, Google, Bernard Van Leer Foundation, World Bank,  Whirlpool, Sanofi, DSM, government of Sierra Leone and Brazil.


JAUME ENCISO (SPAIN), climate activist, One Day in 2050 founder. Green events facilitator, climate officer and environmental awareness campaign’s management for 15 years.

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